About Us


Stay Active™ (SA) is a Health Promotion Program where we promote healthy lifestyles and aim for better health status and quality of life. Our motto is “Prevention is better than Cure”. And our Mantra is “Eat Healthy. Stay Active. Be Happy.”



  • Promote healthy lifestyles in the community.
  • Help improve the quality of life of individual and society as a whole
  • Help individuals and communities achieve a state of positive health and well being

The Following Prayer also corroborates our vision:

“Sarvetu Sukhina Santu

Sarve Santu Niramay

Sarve Bhadrani Pashchyantu

Ma Kashchit Dukh Bhaag Bhavet”

Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

“May All Be Happy Here

May All Be Free From Disease

May All Realize What Is Auspicious

May None Become Subject To Misery”

Om Peace! Peace! Peace!


Mission: 4 Es targeting both individuals and communities

  • Educate about health and healthy lifestyle
  • Enable individual skills and capabilities to combat health problems
  • Empower individuals and communities to take care and responsibility of their health
  • Enlighten individuals and communities about health consciousness