SAP Activities:

  • Health and Environment Education
  • Individual and Group Wellness Sessions which includes Walking, Running, Cycling, Fitness and Yoga Classes from 6 year old to 60+ year old.
  • Promoting Physical Activity, Exercises, Sports and Games
  • Adventure, Outdoor and Recreational Activities
  • Family Walk-Run and Wellness Sessions
  • Behavior Change Communication
  • Information, Eduction and Communication (IEC)
  • Entertainment Education (EE)
  • Events Promotion and Participation like Marathon, Cyclothon, Triathlon and Duathlon
  • Advocacy, Campaigning and Social Mobilization
  • Health Promotion through Social Media like Facebook and What’s App
  • Gender Mainstreaming and Special Needs focus
  • Research and Project Work


We believes any project meant for the betterment of society cannot happen unless there is partnership with the community and its various organization whether it’s a Public or Private Organisation.

Before starting any project in any settings we ensure that the vision of SAP is well understood and accepted by the decision making authority and only then we implement our activities.

As the individual / community are the end user and beneficiary of our program and activities we also involve them into the decision making process.

Thus SAP works simultaneously with a Top-Down and Bottom-Up approach.