Campaigning and Social Mobilization

Campaigning and Social Mobilization

To promote health and environment in the community and also in the city Stay Active keeps raising these issues and communicating its stand on these issues with the respective authorities and organizations.


We keep exploring avenues and opportunity where we can promote health and environment. Hence we support other groups both government and non-government and other social causes with equal zest and energy even if it doesn’t look like a clear Stay Active’s agenda and area of work. We ensure there is inter-sectoral collaboration in some of our works. That makes Stay Active a truly active, ever learning, ever changing and dynamic program.


Some of the issues on which Stay Active has been very active are:

  1. Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyles
  2. Walking and Pedestrianization
  3. Usage of Public Transport
  4. Active Transport like Bicycling in the city
  5. Organic, Local and Sustainable Food and Farming
  6. Waste Segregation and Management at source
  7. Anti-Plastic Campaigns
  8. Voluntary Blood Donation


All the activities conducted are aimed towards creating awareness and thus sensitizing the community towards the issues and then change their behavior for the common public good.



Some of the links and articles where Stay Active’ work finds a mention:

  1. GoHyd Magazine July 2014 cover story issue on Bicycling in Hyderabad.
  2. Times of India, 27th August, 2014 on traffic issues in Hyderabad.

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