Research and Project Work

Research and Project Work

To understand the issues affecting the population and for health and environment promotion we also undertake research studies, surveys and project work.


Some of the program and projects undertaken by Stay Active are:


  1. “Silicon Ridge Owners Welfare Association (SROWA) Health Club Management” to understand people’s lifestyles and health behavior and to promote healthy lifestyles (2011-2012).
  2. “Stay Active Kids Program” to understand children lifestyles and health behavior to promote healthy lifestyles (2011-ongoing)
  3. “6 Weeks on 6 Wheels – Stay Active Walk-Bus Diaries” to promote physical activity, walking and using public transport like bus in urban settings.
  4. “Stay Active Bicycle Diaries” to promote physical activities and active transport like bicycling in urban settings.
  5. “Waste Matters” to understand waste segregation and management at source to promote a clean environment in the community.


All our work is published in public and we are open to share our work and experiences with other interested and like minded individuals and groups.


As we acknowledge and accept that health is a universal issue which requires the intervention of many non-health sectors we try to collaborate and work with other individuals and organization on projects and programs addressing health and environment.

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