Entertainment Education

Entertainment Education

Entertainment Education is the use of entertainment and media like arts, music and dance to educate people about a social issue and thereby change people’s behavior towards those issues.


Stay Active uses Entertainment Education for Health and Environment Promotion.


Some of the activities conducted as Entertainment Education are:

  1. Ganesh Festival – dance performance to promote Yoga (2012).
  2. Sri Satya Sai Baba Christmas Day Celebration – dance performance to promote Yoga (2012).
  3. Ganesh Festival – dance performance to promote Exercise, Sports and Physical Activities (2013).
  4. Ganesh Festival – skit performance avoiding Junk Food and to promote Healthy Eating (2014).



We also use social media platform like Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp for health promotion.

Our Stay Active Facebook page link is:



We are also running a Stay Active Challenge social media campaign initiated by our friends and well wishers from Chandrapur City, Maharashtra State, India where people share their personal wellness story. We received stories from all across the world. You too can share your story and be a Star of Stay Active and get featured in our various social media platform and Stay Active Group.


We also make short inspirational films and videos to promote health.

The YouTube link is:



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