Events Participations

Events Participations

Stay Active promotes and also participate in events which are health and environment promoting like marathon, cyclothon, duathlon, triathlon eco-walks and harithon.


The whole idea of promoting and participating in an event is to let the individual or group experience a sense of achievement and reward for doing a healthy activity. We use it as a great motivational strategy to change health behavior. It works as a tool to lift an individual and groups confidence level and it also raises their health and environment consciousness.



Some of the events we participated are:

  1. Hyderabad 10K Run – 2011
  2. Hyderabad 10K Run – 2012
  3. The Atlanta Foundation – Republic Ride-2012
  4. The Atlanta Foundation – Freedom Ride-2012
  5. Great Hyderabad Adventure Club – Traithlon-2012
  6. Airtel Hyderabad Marathon – 2013
  7. Great Hyderabad Adventure Club – Duathlon – 2013
  8. Hyderabad 10K Run – 2013
  9. The Atlanta Foundation – Metro Ride-2013
  10. Pune International Marathon – 2013
  11. Women’s Day Run – 2013
  12. Airtel Hyderabad Marathon – 2014
  13. Hyderabad 10K Run – 2014
  14. HarithOn 5K Run – 2015


Some of the events we have organized and promoted:

  1. Bapu Ghat Heritage Walking and Cycling – 2014
  2. Taramati Baradari Heritage Walking and Cycling – 2014
  3. Golconda Fort Heritage Outdoors Activity -2015
  4. Stay Active Village Volleyball Series – 2015


Here Event Participation and Promotion is purely on a participatory level and not at a competitive level. The aim is to let the participant enjoy the particular activity. Events are a great way to promote health on a population level in cities and towns. We use it more as a public health benefit activity rather than activity focused for only the highly trained and fit.

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