Stay Active @ Work

Stay Active @ Work


A healthy employee is an asset for the organization. Apart from personal benefit to the employee it is economically and socially productive for the employer. It boosts the image of the organization which shows care and concern towards its human resource.

We intend to progress our Wellness at Workplace sessions in the following levels:

Informative – where relevant data and information on the said topic and health issue is provided.

Interactive – where we tend to find answers from the participants about their health problems and arrive at the best possible solutions through our interactions.

Transformative – where the participant’s health consciousness is raised and they decide to make a genuine effort to change their problem health behavior.

With this concept and idea of Wellness at Workplace we conduct health promotion and wellness sessions at place of work.

The topics we cover and the issues we address are:

  1. Lifestyle Management for Lifestyle Disorders / Non-Communicable Diseases
  2. Yoga for healthy living
  3. Stress Management and Relaxation
  4. Exercise and Physical Activity
  5. Diet , Nutrition and Food Habits
  6. Behavior Change for Healthy Lifestyle
  7. Obesity and Overweight Management
  8. Ergonomics and Workstyle Management


Some of the workplaces where we have conducted our sessions:

  1. Administrative Staff College Of India (ASCI) for MRF Executives,  Banjara Hills, Hyderabad (2014)
  2. Wells Fargo, Raidurgam, Hyderabad (2014)

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